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Entree ..........€4,00
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Our garden is in the countryside so it's surrounded by fields and is about 1 hectare of land. We are lucky enough to have a number of old trees which adds height to the landsccape. I always think a garden says a lot about the owner and I notice that the older I get the more relaxed it gets ! I feel it should be allowed to do its own thing to a certain extent, it should look natural and not to cultivated. I love it if flowers self seed, this way the garden surprises me time and time again every year, one year some plants do better than others and the next year it will be another plant that steals the show. I am a pratical person, if the grass doesn't look great I'm not going to worry about it to much, if the moss takes over in a few places that's fine with me, moss is green after all, 

 it seems a waste of hours, frustration and energy to try and rectify it every year again and again ! 

I am slightly less keen on having rabbits eating my plants, which they often do.

The borders that surround the farmhouse are packed full of shrubs and flowers, in the spring it's full of colour, alliums, aquilegia, euphorbia, icelandic poppies, foxgloves and cowslips to name a few pop up between the bulbs and the lush spring growth of the summer plants. In the summer I find the atmosphere changes again which adds to the wonderful magic and force of nature. The whole area is surrounded with a beech hedge and in the more formal part of the garden there are (still) box hedges.

 We recently moved the vegetable garden nearer to the kitchen side of our house, the old veg garden was much  to big for us. We recently planted five malus trees

 in the old veg garden. I did have a wild garden there that provided wonderful bunches of flowers for the B&B but I have decided to get rid of that now as it's to much work. This part of the garden is still in progress, I think!

As mentioned above there is a new vegetable area which Bob, my husband, looks after, Since we live here Bob has learnt a lot over the years about veggie gardening and supplies us with all that we need. There is nothing better than eating vegetables out of  our own plot knowing they haven't been sprayed with any chemicals.

The farmhouse is surrounded by a field which during the spring and summer is inhabited by cows.  I have stolen a part of the field which I am also trying to turn into a wild flower meadow, it has an assorted hedge of native shrubs and trees around it, the hedge has just been laid (gevlochten). There is a pond for toads and frogs which is often dry in the summer, that is suppose to happen, it stops fish growing in the pond and eating all the other amphibians up. At the end of year 2019 I planted a prairie grass garden in three borders.

Enough about the garden, I don't want to spoil the surprise, just
come and take a look, I don't think you will be dissapointed 

NEW 2022

I am thrilled with this new greenhouse, a thing of beauty I think you will agree. 
It took some time to find what I wanted, I finally found it in Belgium.
Take a look at dbg classics.

The Flagstone Company


I chose the floor for our new greenhouse from the flagstone company, I sent them photo's of the end result and they immediately  got back in touch asking if they could use my photo's for their new magazine. This is the end result with a small article written about us. 

It is also possible to stay at our two bedroomed apartment. Four people can stay at Farmhouse De Hoeve. Click on the photo and go to the website for more information.